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Welcome to Get Set Cake

If you were looking for some easy recipes that can be tried out at home, you have arrived at the right place

Get Set Cake started as a long cherished desire to share my tried and tested recipes with friends and family.

My affair with baking began about 8 years ago when I tried my very first cake - I still recall, a Raspberry and coconut cake from a recipe book we had purchased from a local Tesco in the UK. All the while that the cake was rising in the oven, I kept thinking there is no way the cake will come out as good as this picture, but defying all my doubts, the cake did turn out just as shown. This lit a fire in me and I tried out many recipes in the weeks that followed. Before I knew, I had tried cakes and cookies and pies and also had tried my luck with icing, fondant and various decorations.

Shortly thereafter, I started baking birthday cakes for friends and near ones. I also gained confidence to bake desserts for guests and my friends began to request that I get desserts for 'pot-luck' dinners to which I gladly obliged. As my Facebook timeline started getting busy with more pictures of cake than anything else, I decided to dedicate a new page for the baking experiments and also started a very rudimentary blog which I used as a personal diary to keep a record of successful recipes.

Off late, I got some requests from friends to share my recipes when they saw pictures online. Thus the idea of this blog post was conceived.

Over the years my family developed a liking for rich sponges and preferred them over heavily iced cakes as they are too sweet. So the posts here are mostly experiments with some conventional flavours  like fruits, chocolate, coffee and some novel ideas like Millets, coconuts etc.

I will continue to add to this collection as often as I can. Keep reading below to see a few of my latest post or navigate down to other pages if you were looking for something in particular.

Happy Baking




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"You can't buy someone happiness, but you can bake them a cake"

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